How to retrieve youtube thumbnail image in

Hi Friends,

Today I will explain how to retrieve thumbnail image from YouTube video in

Generally we are embedding a video from youtube to our website dynamically and we need to integrate thumbnail image of that video in our site.

To retrieve thumbnail image from YouTube video we can use YouTube API URL.
see below URL:
“” + youtubeVideoID + “/default.jpg”

To test above URL replace youtubeVideoID with any YouTube video id like “UMAa148hojo” and run the URL it will show you thumbnail image of video.

Here, I have used default.jpg which shows “120×90″ size default youtube trailer thumbnail image.

If you want bigger image then you can use “0.jpg” instead of “default.jpg”.

If you want other thumbnail image instead of default image then you can specify “1, 2 or 3.jpg”.

See the below example, I have used “MERE BAAP PEHLE AAP” – Trailer and binds different size of thumbnails using

Youtube Trailer Thumbnail Images

see below code for code behind class

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        string youtubeVideoID = "UMAa148hojo";
        image0.ImageUrl = "" + youtubeVideoID + "/default.jpg";
        Image1.ImageUrl = "" + youtubeVideoID + "/0.jpg";
        Image2.ImageUrl = "" + youtubeVideoID + "/1.jpg";
        Image3.ImageUrl = "" + youtubeVideoID + "/2.jpg";
        Image4.ImageUrl = "" + youtubeVideoID + "/3.jpg";

You will get below images for your code in output.