Image upload or plugin not installed in wordpress

Hello all,

When i install WordPress first time i am not able to upload image or install plugin from my admin. I am not able to add image to my post. It is giving me errors.

So, i have search about this and finally i got solution which work for me. Create one Temporary folder in your computer. For e.g. “C:\Temp

Then edit php.ini in your system. Which is located under Program files/Php folder.
Find upload_tmp_dir.
Remember it will locate two different places. One is File Uploads and another one is Fopen wrappers.

In File Uploads
set upload_tmp_dir = “C:\Temp”

and in Fopen wrappers Comment upload_tmp_dir it.

That’s it now you can upload image and also install plugin.
This problem will not comes in Hosting site because they already set this folder permission.

Hope it will help you too!!!

Meta description not shown in pages in seo

Hello All,

Today i want to share one solution of WordPress seo. Someday before i have apply WordPress seo and i found that in home page meta description display but in pages like page 2, 3 it will not displaying meta description.

So, i have search many things but nothing will work for me. So, i start to see files which is used for meta description. To show it please see
-> wordpress seo folder
-> frontend folder
-> open class-frontend.php
-> search metadesc function
-> comment first if condition as follow
if ( get_query_var( ‘paged’ ) && get_query_var( ‘paged’ ) > 1 )

That’s all you have done it. It will now show you meta description in each pages. enjoy!!!