Get Camel Case string in sql

Hello all,

Recently i got requirement to convert string in to camel case. So, i have write simple function to convert my string into camel case.

CREATE FUNCTION [dbo].[CamelCase]
(@Str varchar(8000))
RETURNS varchar(8000) AS
  DECLARE @Result varchar(2000)
  SET @Str = LOWER(@Str) + ' '
  SET @Result = ''
  WHILE 1=1
    IF PATINDEX('% %',@Str) = 0 BREAK
    SET @Result = @Result + UPPER(Left(@Str,1))+
    SubString  (@Str,2,CharIndex(' ',@Str)-1)
    SET @Str = SubString(@Str,
      CharIndex(' ',@Str)+1,Len(@Str))
  SET @Result = Left(@Result,Len(@Result))
  RETURN @Result

To call function use

SELECT DBO.CamelCase('my string convert to camel case')

OUTPUT: My String Convert To Camel Case

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