Disable F1-Help key in browser and set your own help file or link or pages etc…

Today, I’m going to describe “how to put your own help file or pages on “F1″ key press?”.

Basically, if you press F1 in browser, it will open general help dialog. So i just had done with it and disable it and put my own help file on F1 key press.

How to do it? Here it is :-

// disable MSIE standard help function
document.onhelp = new Function("return false;");
window.onhelp = new Function("return false;");


// get key stroke for Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome
document.onkeypress = keyHit;

// get key stroke for MSIE, Safari
var browser=navigator.userAgent;
if (browser.search(/msie|safari/i) != -1) document.onkeydown = keyHit;

// keystroke handling
function keyHit(event) {

// get correct keycode depending on browser
var keyStruck;
if (browser.search(/msie|safari/i) != -1) keyStruck = window.event.keyCode; else keyStruck = event.keyCode;

if (keyStruck == 112) {
if (browser.search(/msie/i) == -1) {    // disable browser standard help function for all but MSIE (see above for MSIE)
keyAction('help');     // call routine to replace standard help function

// You can add the capture of other keystrokes here

// replacement help function
function keyAction(action) {

if (action == 'help') {
// Your new help function goes here
// I have used in conjunction with DHTML Window widget (v1.1) from Dynamic Drive to deliver a new help file

// You can add the actions for other keystrokes here

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