Coding to make files to be downloaded using

Hi Friends,
Today i’m going to show you “How to code for make files to be downloaded from your web application?”.
In the time, Downloading is getting simple functionality and we can found it at every application. When i was searching for it, i didn’t get exact code to do it…
So finally i come with finalize code of “File Download”.
Here it is :-

System.IO.Stream iStream = null;
// Buffer to read 10K bytes in chunk:
byte[] buffer = new Byte[10000];

// Length of the file:
int length;

// Total bytes to read:
long dataToRead;

// Identify the file name.
string filename = System.IO.Path.GetFileName(filepath);
FileInfo myFileInfo = new FileInfo(filepath);
long fileSize = myFileInfo.Length;

    // Open the file.
    iStream = new System.IO.FileStream(filepath, System.IO.FileMode.Open,
    System.IO.FileAccess.Read, System.IO.FileShare.Read);

    // Total bytes to read:
    dataToRead = iStream.Length;

    Response.ContentType = "application/octet-stream";
    //Response.ContentType = "application/x-zip-compressed";
    Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" + filename);

    // Read the bytes.
    while (dataToRead > 0)
       // Verify that the client is connected.
       if (Response.IsClientConnected)
          // Read the data in buffer.
          length = iStream.Read(buffer, 0, 10000);

          // Write the data to the current output stream.
          Response.OutputStream.Write(buffer, 0, length);

          // Flush the data to the HTML output.

          buffer = new Byte[10000];
          dataToRead = dataToRead - length;
          //prevent infinite loop if user disconnects
          dataToRead = -1;
 catch (Exception ex)
    // Trap the error, if any.
    Response.Write("Error : " + ex.Message);
    if (iStream != null)
       //Close the file.

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